Our Services

Third Party Advocacy and Coalition Building

Cc: External Affairs’ team includes some of the nation’s foremost experts at building coalitions. 

Third Party Advocacy /Strategic Alliances: Your messaging needs allies. Cc: External Affairs will help you forge and maintain partnerships that help you influence the influential. No matter what your target audience is - policy makers, thought leaders or public opinion - Cc: External Affairs will help you design and execute a plan to meet your goals and establish long term partners along the way.

Coalition Management: Cc: External Affairs offers full-service coalition management from conception to member recruitment to branding, to digital, to budgeting and accounting. Cc: External Affairs is the one-stop solution to get your coalition up and running and making an impact.

Allies Audits™: Cc: External Affairs offers a one-of-a-kind 360° review of your relationship assets and opportunities. Who are your friends? Your frenemies? Your enemies? How can you move people from one category to another? We have the answers.


Public Affairs/ Government Relations

 Cc: External Affairs’ staff has managed campaigns and events in all 50 states, dozens of municipalities and our nation’s capital.   

Local, State and National Issue Campaigns: Sometimes it’s about getting one city or state on board, sometimes its 10, sometimes it’s all 50 states, sometimes it’s all of them plus the federal level.  No matter what the mix, we have the strategy that will help you succeed.


Intergovernmental Affairs: We may not be Schoolhouse Rock but we can make it easy to understand how to make all the parts of government work together for your organization to succeed.  What you need to do and who you need to work with can be tough to figure out – let us do that for you. 

50-State Legislative Strategy: No matter if you have an issue in one state, several states or all 50, Cc:External Affairs have relationships with legislators in all 50 states as well as a network of hundreds of the best lobbyists, public affairs firms, and campaign and field professionals to execute the plan.  

Fundraising, Membership and Business Development

Cc: External Affairs’ staff have worked with many of the nation’s largest funders, in the individual, corporate and foundation arenas.  We can help you get – and keep – the donors, members, or clients you need. 

Full service partner: Cc: External Affairs’ fundraising/membership and business development pros have done it all – from individual, corporate and foundation fundraising for single events to building large sustainable fundraising operations. We can help grow your bottom line.

Membership/Fundraising Audits: Need to revamp or boost your fundraising operation? Cc: External Affairs knows how to maximize your fundraising efforts. Bringing in our team to evaluate your fundraising efforts will set you on the right path.

Event Planning, Production and Execution: Whistle stop bus tours? Yes, we’ve done that. VIP signature events? We’ve done that too. Grassroots activist rallies? Also done it. Two thousand people for days in a different city in multiple hotels city-wide? Absolutely. Big things like site visits and contract negotiations? Yep. All the little details, down to things like name badges and lanyards? Ditto. Pick your event. Pick your needs. Our staff has done it before and can do it again for you.