Third Party Advocacy and Coalition Building

Cc: External Affairs’ team includes some of the nation’s foremost experts at building coalitions. 

Third Party Advocacy /Strategic Alliances: Your messaging needs allies. Cc: External Affairs will help you forge and maintain partnerships that help you influence the influential. No matter what your target audience is - policy makers, thought leaders or public opinion - Cc: External Affairs will help you design and execute a plan to meet your goals and establish long term partners along the way.

Coalition Management: Cc: External Affairs offers full-service coalition management from conception to member recruitment to branding, to digital, to budgeting and accounting. Cc: External Affairs is the one-stop solution to get your coalition up and running and making an impact.

Allies Audits™: Cc: External Affairs offers a one-of-a-kind 360° review of your relationship assets and opportunities. Who are your friends? Your frenemies? Your enemies? How can you move people from one category to another? We have the answers.